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Located at all THREE Workout Clubs, Cool Tan is Here to Help You Get Your Shine On!!!

Results! That is what we are committed to at The Workout Club & Cool Tan. Cool Tan is a family run business incorporation with WCWC and is located at all 3 Workout Clubs. We are a full service Tanning Salon that offers the finest in tanning equipment and provides you with a clean comfortable environment for you to relax and enjoy your time.

The goal of our company is to provide you with the best possible experience tanning or SUNless Tanning, so that you can be prepared for your vacation or day off. Whether you are going on a Caribbean trip or just over to the local beach; it is a good idea to get that base tan first. And since everyone wants to keep their Summer Shine when winter comes, we also offer the latest lotions and other tanning supplies needed to maintain the best tan possible.

At Cool Tan, we have helpful staff, that is ready to guide you through the process of reaching the desired skin tone safely and effectively. All of our employees are SMART TAN certified and we are licensed by the State of NH. It is State Law that anyone under 18 cannot use tanning beds or booths. Those under 18 may still spray tan. Ask the staff for details or call to schedule your appointment.

So call ahead for an appointment with Cool Tan today or just stop by because we always light up when we see you!

All About Tanning

Tanning occurs gradually through the stimulation and oxidation of melanin in the skin during exposure to ultraviolet rays. UVB (shorter ultraviolet rays) trigger melanin production deep in the skin. When these activated melanin granules travel to the surface, UVA (longer ultraviolet rays) cause the melanin to oxidize and turn brown. Too much UVB causes sunburn (erythema).

Natural sunlight contains an uncontrolled amount of UVB (burning rays) whereas indoor tanning controls both the UVA/UVB ratio and your exposure time, giving you the perfect balance for developing a dark, healthy-looking tan.

Although some people may see a skin tone change after only one or two sessions, most people need seven to ten sessions to fully develop a tan. With a good base tan, one or two sessions a week will maintain a radiant, deep, dark tan throughout the year.

Joe's on board for SUNless tanning

CoolTan is excited to offer our flawless, SUNless tanning. Available for every skin color with an amazing instant result! This product is airbrushed on with extreme precision by our staff and is ready to be washed off, within as little time as an hour. We do recommend that the longer you can keep the SUNless spray on, the better the skin tone results will be.

We are proud to announce that Joe has joined us for our SUNless tanning clients. With years of body art experience, Joe is practiced and ready to deliver a flawless spray every time.  Once you try our Spray Tanning you won’t be able to stay away!

Cool Tan Specials

$5 Tuesday Special Tanning Price!*
*Booth Only.

Buy 20 Visits for Just $99 and Get 3 FREE!

$5 off a different lotion every week.

$5 OFF Regularly Priced $45 Full Tan.

Featured Products

Cool Tan has a variety of tanning products from Norvell, Smoke, Hempz, Banana Cream, The Sweet, Out of Control (aka OC), Bronzers by SupreTan, sample cups, sample packets and more.

For more information, to ask about appointment policies or any questions regarding tanning, please contact the main Cool Tan office located at The Workout Club in Londonderry: cooltanlondonderry@gmail.com or call 603-437-8888.

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