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Derry, N.H., June 24th, 2013 – Bethany Moore has completed the 6-week Challenge! Bethany lost close to 20 pounds and 8 inches! Check out Bethany’s real results and hear more about her story.

To only pick one thing I liked the best during my 6-week challenge would be very difficult. I loved the staff. The trainers were such great motivators and the group class instructors were so wonderful at making it easy to follow along with their class. I was so impressed with the variety of things available to me at The Workout Club. It kept me anxious to keep trying new things from the water aerobics classes, zumba and my favorites BodyPump and BodyCombat. They also had tanning available and a salon next door to their Londonderry location which makes it super easy to enjoy a day of pampering after a hard work-out.

The only real roadblock I had along the way was my not wanting to part with my sugary drinks (Ice Tea and Sprite being the culprits). That held me back in the beginning from seeing the initial weight loss results. Once I kicked the habit (though every now and again I did sneak them, sigh) I immediately saw the fruits of my labor and ended up loosing close to 20 lbs over a 6 week period. During the 6 weeks I also lost 4.5″ off my waist, 1″ off each thigh and 1″ off my hips. My arms stayed the same but now have definition verses the “untrained” look they had going for them before.

The mix of one-on-one personal training with the group exercise classes worked very well for me. Providing me with the knowledge I needed to get an educated start on becoming a “regular” at the gym. Learning the correct form while lifting weights was key in seeing the results. It also provided me with a way to design my own routine going forward. The group classes were always enjoyable, it kept me learning something new and being in a class setting made the time go by MUCH faster!

I have also found a new passion along the way. Spinning! Boy the after effects are uncomfortable for the first few weeks but if you keep at it your body becomes accustomed to it and it’s an excellent way to burn calories!

Now that the challenge is done, I’m still keeping up with the workouts. Not 6 days a week like I was before. However, you can find me there at least 3 days a week. Usually at the Body Pump and Spin Classes! The biggest challenge that I’ve run into on my own is finding the time to get to the clubs. I’m glad they open super early cause the 5:30 classes work best for me!

-Bethany Moore
Radio Host
Frank FM

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