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Group Exercise

A Fun Way to Get in Shape!

In our Londonderry cycling classes, you’ll have fun, with inspiring music guiding you through the workout. Your instructor will pick music with very specific beats depending on how he or she wants you to pedal. A song with a slower beat means you’ll probably be at a high resistance level and thus, your pedaling will be slower. A song with a fast beat means you might be up and down in your seat throughout the whole song and pedaling fast. The music will keep you energized and you’ll never know what’s coming next.

A Cycling class provides a euphoric feeling that you just won’t get from any other workout. You’ll burn an insane amount of calories during the workout because you’re exercising at such an intense level. You may leave with a sore butt, but you’ll also leave with a smile on your face and an endorphin high.

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