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Group Exercise

High Intensity Workout!

Have you ever passed by the Cycling room at The Workout Club? If you have, you’ve probably wondered what goes on in there – with the dark lights and loud music, it sounds more like a dance club than a workout room. And that’s exactly the point of a Cycling class – it’s a fun and energetic way to work out that offers a completely different experience than any other group fitness class.

You may think that spending an hour on a bike in a dark room is a boring way to work out, but just ask anyone who takes Cycling classes on a regular basis and they’ll tell you that it is the exact opposite experience. While it’s true that you spend an hour pedaling on a bike in the dark, the fact of the matter is that you have a high-energy instructor pushing you every step of the way. You’ll be up and out of your saddle multiple times, with your resistance levels constantly changing, to keep your heart rate up.

Truthfully, getting bored in a spin class is never an option.