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Diana Erickson, Mrs. NH 2017 instructor at the Workout Club calls herself a “minimalist”, focusing on the essentials, staying out of debt and not spending money on endless clothing, shoes and makeup.    She focuses on fresh air, healthy eating and connecting to nature.

Diana has always had a passion for fitness, outdoors and has stayed active her whole life.  She enjoys hiking, running, and practicing Martial Arts.  Diana uses every opportunity to move around, be it rollerblading and ice-skating with her kids, dancing with her friends or exercising along with her students while teaching.  She believes that our bodies are meant to MOVE! A strong healthy and beautiful body is a by-product of our mindset and lifestyle as well.  Having a natural diet and taking care of our soul and spirit are other important components of being fit and healthy.

Diana celebrates her womanhood and her message is to focus on what brings you joy, value quality over quantity and always have free space and time in life to cultivate inner peace.  For more on her story you can visit her blog here: https://edgyspirit.wordpress.com/

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