ARTHRITIS– Carefully chosen exercises developed by the Arthritis Foundation to promote flexibility, increase range of motion, improve muscle strength and increase endurance. This water exercise program is done without excess strain on the muscles and joints. No swimming ability is required.

AQUACIZE– This class meets in the shallow end of the pool. Starting with gentle stretches, this class includes cardiovascular training, builds endurance, tones the muscles and has an abdominal component.

AQUACOMBO – This class gives you the best of both worlds. We start shallow and end shallow but have a deep water component that will work you too the core.

HIGH TIDE– This class meets in the deep end of the pool with the use of a flotation belt. This class will challenge you to the core. A no-impact workout that is gentle on the joints while increasing muscle tome, increases endurance, works the abs and has a cardio component. Who says you don’t sweat in the pool?