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I hurt my back awhile ago, which required surgery. During the recovery process, I had many conversations with my doctor about my injury and what I could have done – and can do in the future – to prevent something like this happening again. While there are no guarantees, he told me that it’s important to strengthen my body by working out. Working out will also help to avoid weight gain, another risk factor. So, I joined The Workout Club. Between the various group fitness classes, aquatics center, and specialized equipment, I’ve been able to tone my body and watch it grow stronger week by week. I’ve even worked with the personal trainers at this gym to further my fitness goals, which not only include avoiding injury, but now also include lifting bigger weights and improving my endurance level. I’ve been injury-free since my back surgery, and I look forward to many more years as a member of The Workout Club. (I go to Salem club)

Mathew Brighton