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NH GymIndividual Exercise & Nutrition Program

If you do your part… We ll do ours!

Although we make it simple to follow, we are not claiming that it is easy. We provide the plan… you still have to do the work. No gimmicks… just results! The reason gimmicks don’t work is because they are just that, gimmicks. Our programs are based on sound scientifi c principles.

There are no shortcuts when it relates to getting fit, just common sense and a commitment to a healthy lifestyle.

The NutriFit Consultants are dedicated to aiding each member by providing the support and commitment needed to motivate and educate. We will make your experience with us a great and successful one!

NH Fitness Club NutrifitIn Need of Personal Assistance?

Whether your goal is to lose fat, improve appearance, boost energy, improve athletic performance, or just to look great; our knowledgeable fitness consultants are there to assist you in achieving the greatest gains in the least amount of time.

One-on-one training is also available for newcomers and those who prefer personal assistance… our unique team of fitness consultants have expertise in:

–Exercise Technique
–Exercise Progression
–Personalized Attention
–Diversity in Training Programs

We will make the difference!
Benefits of Exercise Programming Include:

–No guesswork . . . Know exactly what to do
–Optimal results
–Shorter workout times
–Pre and post fi tness evaluations
–More affordable than personal training
–Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Our Guarantee*
If you don t get measurable results after just one 8-week program, we will refund all of your money. It s that simple. We are the absolute best in the industry and will not settle for less!
*Guarantee subject to completion of one 8-week program with pre and
post program evaluations. Certain restrictions apply.

How Does the NutriFit Program Work?

Our programs combine the latest in exercise technology along with expert personal service which acquires information based upon each individual’s fi tness capacity. This is accomplished by employing a non-invasive testing procedure that determines the most effective way to design a program. Once completed, an 8-week exercise schedule and meal plan is generated to get you on your way to a leaner, healthier body. All you have to do is perform the exercises as listed on
your program and follow the accompanying meal plan!

Our Focus

The focus of our programs is to improve your metabolism. We achieve this by addressing the fi ve components of fitness as described by the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM).

These components are:
1 Muscular Strength/Endurance
2 Cardiovascular Endurance
3 Flexibility
4 Body Composition
5 Nutrition & Supplementation

By addressing each of these components success in improving your level of fitness Individual Exercise & Nutrition Program.

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