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Personal TrainingWhy Do I Need A Personal Trainer or Group Training?


Even Trainers Need Trainers to Reach New Levels of Physical Fitness! Nothing replaces the effectiveness and achieving goals like working with a personal trainer.

Benefits of Personal Trainer:

  • Individual motivation
  • Proper exercise technique
  • Program modifications as you progress
  • Functional training vs. traditional methods
  • Focus on individual goals
  • A partnership during your growth
  • The best opportunity for fitness success

Benefits of Group Trainer:

  • Meet New Members
  • Train with Friends
  • Accountability assistance with members in the group
  • Teamwork to keep everyone motivated
  • Focus on individual progress in team environment
  • Compete against yourself or friendly competition with others
  • The another opportunity for fitness success

Newest Technology & Equipment in Training:Synergy360

  • Synergy 360
  • TRX
  • KettleBells
  • Free Weight / Plyometric / Body-Weight Exercises
  • Strength Training
  • Egoscue
  • Tabata
  • BootCamp / Obstacle Course Training
  • Nutrition & Professional Health Training/Tips
  • Cleanse Information/Training & Tips